What is really cruel? Words or the deed of war? To come back "as a hero" or "as my son" for a mother? To live or to die in a fraudulent war? To warn against the reality of war or to plan for more? To fight Russia or work with her for peace in Syria?
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lo yeeOn
2016-10-27 23:45:48 UTC
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Mrs. Obama, the First Lady, is campaigning with Captain Khan's father
who is running a business of procuring visas for
foreigners who want to come and live in America.

Now they are campaigning on behalf of Lady Hillary -
in the battleground state of North Carolina.

While the Missus told the audience that "her voice was needed
... `more than ever'",
Captain Khan's dad complained about a very "cruel" Trump
who is opposing Hillary who has a war plan for Syria
and an email server problem.

Methinks what's really cruel is:

1) The war of aggression against Iraq that has made Hundreds of
thousands, if not millions, of Iraqis bitter by losing one or
more of their loved ones from the Iraq War.

If Captain Khan's parents' feeling can be hurt every time they
think about their son's death, which I think is eminently
reasonable, then the millions of Iraqis who have lost loved ones
despite the fact that they did nothing to warrant the war but
only because the warmongers like George Bush, Condi Rice,
Dick Cheney, John McCain, Hillary Clinton and other Washington
politicians wanted it.

What these warmongers did to the Iraqi people was really, really

2) The destruction of the once vibrant and self-sufficient country
of Iraq! That is really cruel!

3) To call American soldiers who died absolutely in vain "heroes"
when their mothers had only wanted them to come home, not as
heroes but as their real, breathing and talking sons.

The systemic distortion of reality in order to sustain an immoral
and unreasonable war on behalf of the powers-that-be is cruel.

When there was not a fiber of necessity to send Captain Khan to
Iraq to face a nation of angry people who were reacting to our
unjust invasion and working to fight back what was rightly theirs
in the first place was not a service to our country or anybody's.

So, how can one justify their sacrifice? They sacrificed in
vain. Their blood-thirsty government put them in harm's way; and
so they died.

On the other hand, while one might debate whether Trump would've
worked as hard to invade Iraq as George Bush and his cohorts did
(who had worked from day one of his term as president) it is not
a cruel act for Trump to claim that his stance on Iraq would mean
that Captain Khan would've still been alive today.

It is in fact a strong message for peace for Trump or anyone else
to remind the American people the cost of the stupid and immoral
Iraq War.

And it is in fact the antithesis of a cruel act to use this
election cycle, as in others, to keep reminding us the evil and
cruelty of a regime-change war - for as long as candidates are
still advocating more such wars against other countries, ones
which are known to have even better defense than Iraq and, of
course, Afghanistan.

4) For Captain Khan's dad to keep pimping himself and especially his
wife for Hillary, who is unapologetic about her active roles in
supporting the Iraq War and in directing the regime change wars
in Libya and Syria.

By pimping his family for a warmonger who is seen as a "shoe-in"
as our next president, he is playing a direct role in the death
of every person in the world when Hillary expands the war in

And this "war-hero"'s dad was clearly cruel to his wife with his
recurrent pimping, given the fact that the mother had opened her
heart to the media (after the Democratic National Convention) by
retelling what she told her son more than ten years ago that she
wanted him to come back "not as a hero but as my son".

5) For the MSM which is in collusion with the Establishment to boost
up Captain Khan's dad while suppressing the words of his mother.

It is a collaboration I see as part of a systematic suppression
of the anti-war sentiment that is growing in this country (and in
the West).

6) For the American people to choose Hillary Clinton who has made a
promise to oppose Putin - at the expense of many more women and
children in Syria and at risks of more wars, more deaths, and
more destruction than we have seen before. Now in the eyes of
Syria's women and children, we Americans are really pretty cruel!

I don't need to talk about the Missus who is again going very low and
who never seems to remember what she has said before. She is in fact
pimping votes for a still poorer America and a future of planet Gaia
further destroyed.

lo yeeOn



Republican Donald Trump has been criticised by the family of a dead US
soldier after saying as president he would have kept him alive.

"Had I been president, Captain Khan would be alive today. We wouldn't
have been in this horrible, horrible mistake, the war in Iraq," he

The soldier's father, Khizr Khan, said it was a "cruel" remark.

He is campaigning for Hillary Clinton, who is making her first
appearance with First Lady Michelle Obama.

The two shared a stage at Winston-Salem in North Carolina.

Introducing Mrs Obama, the former first lady said her voice was needed
in this election "more than ever".

[The Missus is so self-absorbed!!!]
2016-10-28 17:36:40 UTC
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Post by lo yeeOn
1) The war of aggression against Iraq that has made Hundreds of
thousands, if not millions, of Iraqis bitter by losing one or
more of their loved ones from the Iraq War.
Blame GOP presidents...
"He did touch my vagina through my underwear"